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Lacrosse - Youth

Youth lacrosse in Cobb County is conducted by volunteer organizations that use Cobb facilities for practices and games. If you wish to become involved in an youth lacrosse in Cobb, please call or e-mail the association of your choice or contact a staff member of the Cobb Parks Athletics Unit.



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Eastern District

Sprayberry Jr Jackets Lacrosse

Ages 7-14

website: www.sprayberrylacrosse.com

Trojan Youth Lacrosse

Ages 6-14

website: www.trojanyouthlacrosse.com

Walton Junior Lacrosse

Ages 7-15

website: www.waltonjrlax.com

Western District

Hoya Lacrosse

Ages 6-15

website: www.hoyalacrosse.com/jrhoyaprogram.shtml

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