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Tennis Classes

Learn to play tennis!!!! Cobb's tennis program offers tennis classes for entry level beginners. If you ever wanted to learn to play tennis, this is where you begin. Classes are offered at each of Cobb's six tennis centers and several satellite locations. 

No Experience Necessary!!!



2014 Schedule
Quarter Session begins Registration begins
Winter January 6

December 2 (residents)

December 3 (non-residents)

Spring (1st session)

Spring (2nd session)

February 24

April 14

January 21 (residents)

January 22 (non-residents)

Summer (1st session)

Summer (2nd session)

June 2

July 21

April 28 (residents)

April 29 (non-residents)

Fall (1st session)

Fall (2nd session)

September 8

October 27

August 5 (residents)

August 6 (non-residents)

Class schedules available on registration info page

Class schedules have class barcode numbers that will assist you during the registration process.  For online registration, search for your class using the barcode number.


Tennis Tots

Introduction to tennis for preschool children. Class focuses on developing hand-eye coordination through drills and games.

Beginner Class

This accelerated six-lesson course gives novice players the skills, confidence and knowledge to begin playing tennis. The goal of each class is to introduce one or more skills necessary to play tennis while keeping the development simple enough to build confidence. This level is for 'beginner' players - no experience necessary.


Advanced Beginner Class

This level reviews the basic strokes taught in the Beginner Class while introducing new skills. In addition to the instruction, students begin actual play to learn positioning, rules and scoring. Participants for this level should have completed the Beginner Class and/or have some playing experience.


Tennis Tots  (Ages 3-5)

Child (Ages 5-7 for classes at Harrison and Lost Mountain Tennis Centers)

Child (Ages 6-10 for classes at Terrell Mill, Fair Oaks, Kennworth and Sweetwater)

Youth (Ages 8-11 for classes at Harrison and Lost Mountain)

Junior (Ages 11-15 for classes at Terrell Mill, Fair Oaks, Kennworth and Sweetwater)

Junior (Ages 12-15 for classes at Harrison and Lost Mountain)

Adult (Ages 16+)

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