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Cobb County Parks, Recreation, Cultural Affairs Department

EZ-Reg Online Program Registration Informationneral Information

General Infomation

EZ-REG is the fastest and easiest choice for residents to enroll in programs offered by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department. Whether it's an arts class, swimming lessons, summer camp or a host of other activities, EZ-REG makes registration a breeze.


Think about it…NO MORE standing in lines for class registrations! NO MORE camping out at 3:00am in January to assure your child gets that needed swim class! And NO MORE building your whole weekend around designated class registration times!  


EZ-Reg let's you:

  • register for available programs and classes 24 hours a day, seven days a week…AT YOUR CONVENIENCE;
  • add yourself to waiting lists for full classes; check to see how many people have already registered for your choice of classes;
  • search for classes based on days of the week offered or by location, as well as activities required;
  • research your family's registration history and payment status .


Get yourself an EZ-REG account today and be on your way to the convenience and ease of secure, on-line registrations! All you're going to need will be a login ID, account personal identification number (PIN) and a credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Residents who have not participated in a class since January 2006 must make an in-person visit to any of the department's recreational facilities during regular business hours. To receive a login ID and PIN, please complete a Family Account Registration Form, providing your name, address, birth date, phone number, proof of residency (driver's license, county water bill, etc.) and a valid e-mail address.


Don't delay! Start your EZ-REG program registration process today. Enrollments are under way and classes will fill quickly. Be the first in your neighborhood (or in your class!) to sign up the EZ-REG way. Then sit back and enjoy your weekend!

EZ-Reg Online Registration Procedures

EZ-Reg Web allows you to register for classes, check class availability, view your account information, or make payments 24 hours a day. Some classes are not available for registration using this system. Please read program descriptions carefully.


Have the following information handy:


  • Client Log-in ID and Account PIN
  • Course codes or course info from the Program Brochure
  • Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date


Steps to follow:


  • Click on Online Registration Web link on the sidebar
  • Click on the My Accounts tab and log-in using your Log-in ID and PIN number.
  • Click on the Activities Tab
  • Type in a course code in the Quick Link box or select desired search criteria from the pull down menus.
  • Select the desired activity or return to the search page.
  • Click Add to put the course in your basket (the first time you do this, you will be asked to enter your Client Code and Account PIN if you have not already done so).
  • Select the family member you wish to register for this course from the pull down menu. Then press the Update My Basket button. Use the Activities Tab to search for additional classes or press the Go to Checkout button to pay for classes.
  • Review the charges and enter payment information as required. Press the Complete Transaction button.
  • For your confirmation, please print the Registration was Successful page.


You must pay for courses selected during the transaction in order for your registration to be complete. Following payment you may review registrations in the My Account Tab.


Need Assistance?

Call any Cobb County Parks , Recreation and Cultural Affairs staffed facility.